We understand the importance of reliability when we design and build our conveyor systems. All our designs focus on safety / hygiene / and maintenance and of course delivering the performance required by the customer. All our conveyors can be made to fit into existing lines with integrated or stand-alone control systems


Our expansive client base has allowed us to design prototype cutting, coring and top and tail machines. The product range goes from carrots to coconuts as we can find a solution to deliver on all your needs. This is a great way to reduce labour intensive processes and produce a more consistent final product for your customer. Come and talk to us with your ideas.

Fruit Washing and Sanitizing

Sanitizing and washing of products are a key process prior to final preparation. Our wide range of washers all designed and built in house have been delivering effective sanitization for the last decade around the world. We can manufacture to suit your requirements and processes


Reducing manual labour in the wash process is key to maintaining a business’s competitive edge. Our range of tray wash machines can increase through put and also save on water usage. All our machines can be designed to suit the size of your tray and also adjustable to accommodate different sizes and applications.


Having worked within the food industry for over 30 years we are well placed to understand our clients demands and needs to make tasks more efficient and effective. We would gladly talk to you about any ideas you have in making your processes more economical and streamlined from semi-automation to full on automated processes.

We build bespoke solutions
for any requirement

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